Master’s Thesis Redux

Are we waiting for the end of time?  Are we waiting for the end of light and air?  Are we waiting, or are we wishing for a conclusion to this business, life? Are we waiting to care about the deaths of billions?  Are we waiting for an exorcism?  Are we waiting for permission to kill?... Continue Reading →

An Un-Ghost Story

"Every single time he and Jess went out, she had to do an emergency stop.  Somewhere deep inside, he believed this was on purpose.  He got so sick of her same-old-same-old behaviors.  What had started out as a nice Sunday afternoon drive was now a frantic search for a crappy roadside pit stop.  Sometimes he wondered why he stayed with this woman." . . .

Confessions of an Ex-Teacher

"In the New Testament, John says, "In the beginning was the WORD...".  The idea of the WORD is equated with the prime cause, the font of creation.  In the world of scatter-shot political rhetoric and misleading advertising, the WORD has become a poor shadow of what it was meant to be." . . .

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