The Ghosts of Emerald Isle

The journey that brought me to a table in a small Emerald Isle coffee shop in the days following the devastation of Florence began in my parents' house in May of 2011. It was in that place and at that time (a late afternoon it was, bright sunshine, warm spring) that I heard the saddest... Continue Reading →

The Polar Bear

I. The nightmare memory of the polar bear haunted her every waking moment--  the huge white monster in his "environment," lethargic, glassy-eyed, thin, dingy, stained fur.  She imagined that he longed for either freedom or death. The hot North Carolina sun beat down on his habitat in the dream/memory, and the water was never even... Continue Reading →

Master’s Thesis Redux

Are we waiting for the end of time?  Are we waiting for the end of light and air?  Are we waiting, or are we wishing for a conclusion to this business, life? Are we waiting to care about the deaths of billions?  Are we waiting for an exorcism?  Are we waiting for permission to kill?... Continue Reading →

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